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By Sam On 18/09/2022 

Dr Harper prescribed me Saxenda to help lose some weight that I had gained in the last 6 months and was struggling to shift. As always her advice was helpful, informative and she put my mind at ease. Saxenda ... [read more]

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A Hand to Hold & A Guide along an Unknown Path

By Frances On 30/08/2022 

Sought help from Dr Shahzadi Harper after being very dismissed & not listened to by my GP Practice. It was so nice to come & sit in a lovely environment & be listened too. To have my long list of symptoms be addressed ... [read more]

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I feel like my old self

By Vicky On 19/05/2022 

From the moment I walked into Dr Harpers' consulting room I was made to feel at ease. She has a lovely manner allowing me the space and support to explain how I was feeling. We discussed at length my symptoms and she clearly ... [read more]

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Highly recommended!

By KT On 14/05/2022 

I had been steadily gaining weight for years despite trying really hard to diet and exercise and it was making me very miserable. Dr Harper introduced me to Saxenda injections and I have quite quickly lost inches from around middle. ... [read more]

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Best Decision

By Fiona On 07/03/2022 

After picking up a copy of the book The Perimenopause Solution I knew I needed an appointment with Dr Shahzadi Harper and it has been the best decision I have made. My initial consultation was in person and my follow ups have been by virtual ... [read more]

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Fantastic support

By Claire On 04/03/2022 

Dr Shahzadi Harper and her team have been wonderful throughout my treatment. I had been trying to get a diagnosis for a few years as to why I felt so dreadful. The GP kept dismissing me. I then spoke to a friend who had recently seen Dr Harper ... [read more]

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Peri-menopause Help

By Caroline Mitchell On 28/02/2022 

I saw Dr Harper at a very low point in my perimenopause journey when I was experiencing very bad emotional symptoms such as low mood, anxiety and irritability. She immediately put me at ease, explained it all so clearly to me and was very sympathetic ... [read more]

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Changed my life

By Rhona McIntyre On 10/02/2022 

For the past few years I was lost. I had no enjoyment or interest in whatever I did.
I started to watch Dr Harper on Instagram and decided to make a virtual appointment with her.
Dr Harper came up with a plan and it has changed my life. For the first ... [read more]

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I'm not losing the plot after all!!

By Gail M On 07/02/2022 

I went to see Dr Shahzadi Harper of The Harper Clinic in early December literally at my wit's end and not knowing where to turn; I literally didn't know the person I had become.
Having visited my GP for menopause advice and not entirely happy with the appointment ... [read more]

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I'm so pleased I found Dr Shahzadi Harper!

By Sarah On 19/01/2022 

I contacted Dr Shahzadi Harper as I had suffered from bladder leaks for years (since having children). I had 3 sessions of FemiLift which have made a huge difference. I can now exercise and cough without any leakage! I then contacted Dr Harper again as I started to suffer ... [read more]

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